Okay, so if you are somehow here during the time I am designing this site…good job? How did you even find this place?

If you were a reader of Strike the Earth in the past, then I am so, so sorry. Getting the comic up was plagued with hosting problems, money problems, time problems and internet problems. Now that most of those problems are no longer an issue, and I have been successfully updating a comic twice every week for a year and a half now, it’s time to put this baby to rest.

Strike The Earth! was an overly ambitious  24-hour comic that spanned four one-panel comics per page, and I managed to finish and colour most of it in those first 24 hours. The comic is now completely finished, and when the site is designed, my intent is to upload one comic a day until the entire thing is up and done. I’ll also be up-loading a few extras I’ve done at the end.

So make of this what you will. This time it will go up. I promise.